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Update 10/10/2020

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are reminded that the scriptures often compare the joys of heaven to a sumptuous banquet which God offers to his friends. As we participate in the offering of the Holy Mass, we pray that we may be found worthy to, one day, take our place at God’s eternal banquet. May we come also to appreciate this precious heavenly gift that feeds us with Grace and strengthens us in holiness and show our gratitude by our regular participation.

THE SOLEMN PROFESSION OF FATHER VICTOR (known as Brother Cuthbert in Community) AS A MEMBER OF THE BENEDICTINE HOUSE OF INITIA NOVA will take place on the evening of November the 5th. Father Victor asks for your prayers as he makes this lifelong commitment to seeking God within this Community. AT THE BACK OF CHURCH THERE IS A DISPLAY INTRODUCING SAINT BENEDICT, HIS MONASTIC RULE AND THE HOUSE OF INITIA NOVA.

WE GIVE THANKS TODAY as part of the Universal Church, at the Beatification of Carlo Acutis. A young man who in his 15 years of life on this earth gave a clear and loving witness to Christ in his seeking after holiness, his care of the homeless around his home city of Milan and in the use of his computer skills to further the Gospel and make known the wonderful nature of the Most Holy Eucharist as the precious gift it truly is. As he would often say, for him the Eucharist was his “highway to heaven.” May it be so for us too. To God be the Glory.

A RESULT OF THE RECENT PARISH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, Yanina Barker and David Cooper-Smith were elected to serve on our Parochial Church Council. We thank them for their generosity in offering their time, talents and energy to help forward the mission of the Church and look forward to working with them. The date of our first P.C.C. meeting will be made known soon.

SERVICES THIS SUNDAY Low Mass at 8 am Lauds (Morning Prayer) at 9.15 am Parish Mass at 10 am

AND DURING THE WEEK AT THESE TIMES: Tuesday at 7 pm Wednesday at 12.15 pm Thursday at 10 am Friday at 10 am Saturday at 10 am Next Sunday (THE 28th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME) at 8 am and at 10am.

PLEASE NOTE: The Wednesday Mass will take place at 12.15 pm and will be broadcast.

AND IF WE HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN A WHILE PLEASE DO JOIN US ONCE MORE FOR SUNDAY WORSHIP. Please take to heart that you really are safer attending Church than you are shopping at your local Supermarket.

PLEASE don’t forget to contact me if you have any prayer requests or Mass intentions you would like me to offer at Mass or if would like someone added to our parish prayer list of the Sick or Departed.

My contact details are as follows: Telephone: 01908 372825 Email: I am also available in person during Surgery Hour on Saturday’s in Church between 10.30am - 12 noon. The Sacrament of Confession and Reconciliation is also available at this time.

Mass is still being broadcast on Sunday Morning and Wednesday Lunchtime via our Facebook page under the Group heading: “Saint Martin’s Parish Church, Fenny Stratford. “ From time to time Sunday Vespers and Benediction will also be broadcast. We will also continue to maintain a presence on the Saint Martin’s Parish Church Facebook Page and our Church What’s App group so that we can remain in touch with as many members of our Saint Martin’s parish family as we can.

Please continue to remember the following in your prayers:

Those who live in areas of our country under stricter quarantine measures at this time. Those who have recently returned to university or other further education. Those who are working on a Vaccine for Covid 19 and for the countless volunteers who are assisting them. Those who have found themselves out of work, particularly those who have families or other dependents to support. Those who are despairing at the future of their businesses and those that work for them. Those who still live in fear of this global pandemic and those who live in fear and are living with anxiety and depression. For those who have suffered due to racism or bigotry. For those who have suffered violence or torture at the hands of others. For the Government in their seeking solutions for the common good at this time. That at this continuing tightening of lockdown measures people may continue to act and behave sensibly. For peace to reign within our homes and amongst one another. For the elderly, housebound and those living in residential and nursing homes. For our Ambulance Service and for our other Emergency Service Staff and for Milton Keynes Hospital and all who are continuing to work there and for those undergoing surgeries as the hospital seeks to catch up with other vital treatments. For Bishop Jonathan and all our parish clergy as they seek to continue to make present in our midst the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, the Sacraments of Christ and offer continuing Pastoral care. For the Mother House of the Monastic Community of the House of Initia Nova of the Order of Saint Benedict. For it’s Abbot Michael-John, the community and for those exploring a vocation to vowed life within its family. For the Sick: For Jonathan Kemp, Peter White, Iola Samuels, Shirley Milburn, Jean Holden, Paul Ward, Norman Kent, Peter Woodward, Gay Lavery, David Gregg, Eugenius Yung, Denis & Yvonne Simpson, Mary Collier, Benjamin Duarri, David Lingham, Sandra Walduck, Eugenius Yung & Doris Weatherley. For the Departed: For all who have died recently. For all those who have died of Covid 19. We pray too for all whose years mind falls at this time, among them Henry Coombs, Una Smith, David Peerless, Rosetta Slater, Patrick Proctor, Thomas Butler, Mary Nudds, Peter Lubbock, Charles Brazier. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord. And let Light Perpetual shine upon them.

With best wishes and every blessing on you and your families,

Father Victor


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