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As you know, churches rely on the contributions of its members to continue to serve the community and spread the Gospel. Every donation, no matter how small, goes a long way in helping us to maintain our services, programs, and facilities. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Together, we can make a positive impact on the spiritual wellbeing of our community. Thank you for considering a donation to our church.

We know some of you are passionate about giving and helping a cause that resonates with you, so we have come up with different missions where you can contribute to the Chuch.

Sunday school kids corner

Organ repair work

New Carpets (Altar and Runways)

The Church (Structural Damage)

The Hall (Structural Damage)

 Flower arrangements



Easyfundraising is a great tool to help us raise money for free, if you are an online shopper you can download the app and shop through their website, every time you shop through the app you will be donating money to the Church in a few easy steps.

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