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April 22nd 2023


My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The disciples walking to Emmaus listened to Jesus our Lord expounding the Scriptures and saw Him in the Breaking of Bread. Then they recognised Him. Our Risen Lord is present with us at every Mass, both in His Word and in His Sacrament.


23rd April SUNDAY - Parish Mass at 10.00 am.

24th April MONDAY - No Mass today.

25th April

TUESDAY - No Mass today.

26th April

WEDNESDAY - Mass at 12.15 pm.

27th April

THURSDAY - No Mass today.

28th April

FRIDAY - Mass at 10.00 am.

29th April

SATURDAY - No Mass today.

30th April

FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER- Parish Mass at 10.00 am.


PARISH NEWS FIRST HOLY COMMUNIONS - If you have any children of 7 years or older who, as yet, have not made their First Holy Communion, please speak to either Father Victor or Father Ian. IF YOU HAVE ANY PRAYERS or Mass intentions you would like me to offer at Mass or if would like someone added to our parish prayer list of the Sick or Departed.

My contact details are as follows:

Telephone: 01908 372825

I am also available in person during Surgery Hour on Saturday’s in Church between 10.30am - 11.30am.

THE SACRAMENT OF CONFESSION AND RECONCILIATION is also available at this time. Please continue to remember the following in your prayers: That we may rejoice in our good fortune that we have been rescued from our slavery to sin and death through the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

For a deep and abiding joy in this Easter-tide.

For a deepening of our faith and a greater commitment to Christ.

For the strength to remain firm in our Christian faith and to give witness to it through our own example.

For the people of Turkey after the recent devastating earthquake and for those seeking to aid them at this time.

For an end of war in the Ukraine and in Somalia and the re-establishment of Peace.

That we may continue to remember, the needs of those so less fortunate than ourselves.

For our Bishop Paul Thomas, that he may receive those heavenly gifts and graces to equip him to be a truly holy pastor teacher and High Priest.

For those at school, college or University, that they may be kept safe and well.

For those who work, particularly those who have families or other dependents.

For the Government, that in this time of rising costs we may see increased integrity within the world of politics.

For peace to reign within our homes and amongst one another.

For the elderly, housebound and those living in residential and nursing homes.

For our Ambulance Service and for our other Emergency Service Staff and for Milton Keynes Hospital and all who work there.

For Father Victor and Father Ian and for all parish clergy as they seek to continue to make present in our midst the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, the other Sacraments of Christ and offer continuing Pastoral care.

For the Monastic Community of the House of Initia Nova of the Order of Saint Benedict as it continues settles into its new home in Ponce, Puerto Rico and that it finds the funds to furnish its new Motherhouse.

For it’s Abbot, Michael-John Austin, for all of the community and for those new to its life.

For the Sick:

For Sally Adler, Judy Rogers, Benyamin Kha-jeh-pour, Gary Ashby, Richard Lyons, Heather Burke, Suzanna Moirano, June Reid, Nicola Monaghan, Rosalio Eluna, Susan Carter, Pam Wilderspin, Jean Holden, Peter White, Denis & Yvonne Simpson, Paul Ward, David Lingham, Sandra Walduck, Eugenius Yung and Doris Weatherley.

For the Departed:

For Father Joseph Loveday and all the recently departed, and for Denzil Pateman, Arthur Eames, Richard Gammage, Patricia Perkins and all whose Year’s Mind occurs at this time. Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord.

And let Light Perpetual shine upon them.

On this continuing celebration of the Feast of Feasts I wish you and your families a very Holy and Happy Eastertide,

Father Victor (Brother Cuthbert)


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